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Pro-Bind U-channel Covers are easy to use and create a professionally bound book in seconds........Just place the document in the binder, place the binder in your Thermal Bind System and in just seconds you have a finished, bound book. That's all there is to it!

Pre-applied glue forms a unique channel construction assuring adhesion of all pages Create durable, attractively bound presentations and reports professionally in the convenience of your office. Loose pages become perfect bound documents in less than a minute.

These covers are packaged in cartons of 100 each - 2 to 3 week delivery.

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U-channel Binders
U-channel Binders
Presentation Folders
Presentation Folders
Tax Folders
Tax Folders
Custom Printing
Custom Printing
Hard Covers
Hard Covers


Pro-Bind Standard Hard Cover Thermal (Box of 20)
SKU: SKU16140

Pro-Bind Standard Hard Cover Thermal Binding Cases (Box of 20)

Minimum order 60  pieces (3 boxes)  of a type either 8.5 X11 portrait or
8.5X 11 landscape.  These can be made up from up to 3 different spine sizes,  a minimum of 20 per spine size.

Our price: $109.00

Pro-Bind PRESIDENTIAL U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU36497
Pro-Bind PRESIDENTIAL-12 pt Dull Coat Finish, White Only

Our price: $121.00

Pro-Bind CARNIVAL U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU3649500
Pro-Bind CARNIVAL -80 lb Vellum Finish

Our price: $123.00

Pro-Bind WHITEGLOSS U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU364925
Pro-Bind WHITEGLOSS -12 pt High Gloss Finish, White Only

Our price: $144.00

Pro-Bind PRESTIGE U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU36495
Pro-Bind PRESTIGE LINEN -80 lb Linen Finish

Our price: $150.00

Pro-Bind ELEGANT U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU364915
Pro-Bind ELEGANT LINEN -100 lb Linen Finish

Our price: $167.00

Pro-Bind EXECUTIVE U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU36499
Pro-Bind EXECUTIVE -80 lb Grooved Finish

Our price: $173.00

Pro-Bind FLANNEL U-Channel Binders
SKU: SKU364929
Pro-Bind FLANNEL -80 lb Flannel Finish

Our price: $173.00

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