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Guide to the Craft of Thermal Binding

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Page 2
What is Thermal Binding?
What Are The Advantages of Thermal Binding vs. Coil, Comb or Velo-Binding?
What Kind of Quality Should I Expect?
Why Do I Call Thermal Binding a "Craft"?

Page 3
What is The Thermobind Advantage?
The Basic Principal of Thermal Binding
The Process of Thermal Binding
How To Pick The Correct Spine Width

Page 4
Built In Measuring Guides Are Limited
The Problem With Paper Weights
Determining Your Timing

Page 5
About Our Machines: XU 138

Page 6
Unibinder 120 and 8.2

Page 7
Brands of thermal binders that work with these machines: Unibind only.
Fellowes Helios 30 and Helios 60

Page 8
Covermate 550, ThermoBind TB500

Page 9
ThermoBind TB300, ThermoBind TB240S

Page 10
ProBind 1000, ProBind 2000

Page 11
ProBind Hardcover Crimper, Coverbind 5000, Fellowes 250

Page 12
Fellowes 450
Bind-it Perfect Binder II, Bind-it Covermate 600 and 700 series

Page 13
Glossy Paper, Crimping, Crimping UniBind, Pre-Stapling

Page 14
General Troubleshooting

Pages 15 - 18
Frequently Asked Questions

Download Our PDF Guide to the Craft of Thermal Binding   ->>Click Here

© 2011 Thermobind Inc.

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