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Thermal Covers

Thermobind is your best source for all types of thermal binding covers. We stock thermal binding supplies and complete thermal binding systems from all the major manufacturers. We are authorized dealers of Unibind, Coverbind, and Pro-Bind thermal binding covers. We also have our own ThermoBind Brand covers, thermal binding glue strips and thermal binding machines.

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Soft Covers

Thermobind Brand

Thermobind brand soft covers have a slightly frosted clear front cover, and are available with black, white, navy, or navy leatherflex spines and backs. You can also make your own thermal binding covers using our glue strips that are pre-cut to widths from 1.5mm to 24mm.

Unibind Brand 

Unibind brand soft covers are available in three different styles: Unibind Steelcrystals (clear front and back), Unibind Steelmats (frosted front and back), and Unibind Steelback Spines (temporary paper front and backs allow you to use your own covers with the Unibind Spines). They are all available in several different spine colors.

Coverbind Brand

Coverbind brand soft covers come in two different styles: Coverbind Print on Demand (allows you to print directly on the cover with a laser printer), and Coverbind Classic Antiques. Coverbind Classic Antiques have frosted front covers, and are available in several different colors of spines and backs.


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Hard Covers

Unibind Steelbooks

Unibind Steelbook hard covers are available in letter size (11” x 8.5”) and half letter size (8.5” x 5.5”). They come in several different colors, are available with or without window cuts, and do not require a crimper for binding.

Unibind Photobooks

Unibind Photobooks are available in landscape, portrait, and square formats in a variety of sizes and colors. They are available with or without window cuts, and do not require a crimper for binding.

Coverbind Ambassador on Demands

Coverbind Ambassador on Demand hard covers come stock in black only. Other colors are available for orders over 300 pieces. The Ambassador on Demand covers have a debossed area in the front, and come with an adhesive label which you can print on, and then stick in the debossed area.


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Custom Thermal Binding Covers

Need thermal binding covers with foil stamping, embossing, or custom printing? We can do that! Need covers in a special size, style, or color?

We can do that too!

Thermal Binding Machines

We stock over 1000 thermal binding machines from most major manufacturers. Thermal Binding Equipment starts at $69. We stock the Fellowes Helios 60 and Helios 30, the Unibind XU-138, the Pro-bind 1000 and Pro-bind 2000, the Coverbind 5000, and many ThermoBind brand binding machines.

Please give us a call at 888-992-4144 or email us at sales@thermobind.com

Pro-Bind Covers
Pro-Bind Covers


UniCover Flex
SKU: 17280l508a1401

UniCover Flex A combination of the SteelCrystal and the Steelmat. They have crystal clear acetate on one side and slightly frosted acetate on the other side.

Our price: $196.90

For Custom Ring Binders, Index Tabs, Report Covers, & More.