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Thermal Binding Machines -- What They Do: Thermal binding machines bind pages directly to the spine of thermal covers in a desktop version of "perfect binding". The covers' spine is heated so that adhesive on the spine becomes thin enough to slightly wick into the pages. When cool, the glue becomes part of the page, ensuring a strong bond. There's no hole punching, or difficulty lining up coils or combs.  Most heating times are 45 to 120 seconds.  Machines can do several art once. 
How to Pick the Right Thermal Binding Machine: Thermal binding machines work at as low as 225F for Unibind machines, and up to 375F for Coverbind and Pro-Bind. Fellowes machines run  cooler but would still melt Unibind's coverings.  To get the best machine you'll first need to settle on who's thermal binding products you plan to use. Then you can determine which models,
features and pricing makes sense.
How ThermoBind Can help: 
We stock thermal binding machines from Pro-Bind, the Pro-Bind 1000 and Pro-Bind 2000, and from Fellowes, the Helios 30 and  Helios 60. We also stock the Unibind Xu138, Xu238, and Xu338, and offer up to the ten-heater ST1025. Our tb500 thermal binders work with covers from all manufacturers. 
What is the ThermoBind Advantage? Thermal binding is the only type of binding we offer, so we have to be knowledgeable in our field. All the companies we represent have unique products or manufacturing capabilities not found in their competitors' thermal binding supplies. Based upon tests of  thermal machines and covers from all parts of the globe, ThermoBind has developed techniques, adapters, and accessories, so our customers can get great results from the widest range of thermal binding supplies.
After the Sale: We're there to provide the ongoing guidance necessary for your succcess.  All of our thermal binding machines are available by themselves or with generous supply packages. We'll even put together a custom package to suit your particular needs. 
More Than You Might Expect: ThermoBind offers a free extra year beyond the manufacturer's warranty on all thermal binding machines purchased from us. Pay only for shipping to have the machine repaired or replaced. Ask about lifetime warranty, on selected models.



Unibinder 8.2
UniBinder 8.2 Newest technology offers versatility and optimal finishing.

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Our price: $1395.00
Thermobind TB340

This TB340 is a new machine that we have brought in to meet the need for an affordable, and universal, thermal binder suitable for general home and office use. Like our higher capacity TB500, this machine was specifically made to work with a wide range of thermal covers.

Our price: $169.00
Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binding Machine
SKU: SKU5219501 1

Fellowes Helios 60 - For heavy-duty use in home, large office, or desktop. Binds up to 600 sheets.

Our price: $209.00
MSRP List Price: $249.00 save 16%

Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binding Machine
SKU: SKU5219301 1

Fellowes Helios 30 - For medium-duty use in home, office, or desktop. Binds up to 300 sheets at a time with 30-second binding cycle.

Our price: $169.00

Coverbind: Bindomatic Accel Flex
SKU: SKU16848

Desktop manual operation Quick binding turnaround time when you need it Binds multiple documents simultaneously Allows easy editing Binds thick documents.

The same basic machine as the CoverbInd 5000

(Coverbind 5000 Now Discontinued and replaced by the Coverbind  "Accel Flex" ) but with faster warm-up time.


Our price: $599.00
TB240S Thermal Binding Machine
SKU: SKU16837
New medium capacity thermal binder is compatible with all thermal covers hard and soft. 180 Page capacity. 3 selectable time cycles.
Small foot-print. l

Our price: $129.00
MSRP List Price: $179.00 save 28%
UniBinder 8M Thermal Binding Machine with Crimper
SKU: SKU16835
The UniBinder 8.M is the newest technology for an easy binding of your documents. It combines the traditional and proven Unibind Resin SteelBinding with a newly developed crimping element. It is designed for office use: flexible covers on an easy to use machine. It binds documents from 1 up to 220 sheets in soft covers and up to 180 in hard covers. The 8M crimps covers 15mm and under(140 sheets or less) Bind, crimp and cool in seconds with only one system. Includes sample package of hard and soft covers in a variety of sizes and colors.

Our price: $595.00
Pro-Bind 1000 Binding Machine
SKU: SKU163141b1

Pro-Bind 1000 Binding Machine

• Hard Cover & Soft Cover Binding Capabilities
• Simple One-Touch Operation
• Convenient Built-In Cooling Rack
• Energy Saving Mode
• Dimensions: 15.5" W x 8-7/8" D x 4-1/4" H
• Power-Supply: 120V / 60hz
• Binding Throat: 12" x 1-1/4" • Binding Capacity: 3/4"
• Weight: 4 lbs

Our price: $149.00

Pro-Bind 2000 Binding Machine (includes 300 covers)
SKU: SKU16314

Pro-Bind 2000 Binding Machine (includes 300  covers) 

  • All Metal Construction
  • No Warm Up Required 
  • Auto Shut Off  One Button Operation  
  • Weighs approx. 10 lbs  - 1/16'' to 2'' Binding Capacity
  • 14.75'' Binding Length
  • Binds Multiple Documents At One Time
  • Circuit Board Mounted on frame away from heating unit
  • Cycle Time 30 seconds Soft Cover & 60 seconds for Hard Cover  
    15 Degree Angle on Heating Plate - Allows for less spreading of sheets in binding process
  • Factory Set Heat -Fully electronically programmable for changes in paper material or content substrate -300 to 350 degrees
  • One Year Warranty  

Our price: $695.00
MSRP List Price: $799.00 save 13%
CoverBind 101 DFS Discontinued
SKU: SKU16296

THE COVERBIND 101 DFS has been discontinued to make way for the new Coverbind® 7000. The Coverbind® 7000 is the latest generation of the market-leading 101DFS document binding machine. Built on the stability and technology of the 101DFS, which launched in 2003, the 7000 is the ideal binding solution for office/corporate walk-up print stations, as well as volume demanding CRD or commercial print environments.

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The Unibind XU338 SteelBinding System
SKU: SKU16251

The Unibind XU338 SteelBinding System is our most popular binding system and has 3 binding elements, allowing the binding of up to 24 documents simultaneously or 3 single documents with up to 340 pages.

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Our price: $895.00
MSRP List Price: $995.00 save 10%
Quantity Out of stock
The Unibind XU238 SteelBinding System
SKU: SKU16250
The Unibind XU238 SteelBinding System has 2 binding elements, allowing the binding of up to 16 documents simultaneously or 2 single documents with up to 340 pages.

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Our price: $645.00
Unibind XU138 Single Heater Binding Machine
SKU: SKU16249
The Unibind XU138 includes one heater and one cooling compartment and is capable of binding up to 8 books per binding cycle.
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Our price: $455.00
Quantity Out of stock
Thermobind TB500
SKU: SKU162451
We've put the best features of the most expensive desktop thermal binding machines into our own TB 500 and have priced it to be a great value.

Our price: $259.00
MSRP List Price: $379.00 save 32%
Thermobind TB500 w/ 200 Covers
SKU: SKU16245
We've put the best features of the most expensive desktop thermal binding machines into our own TB 500 and have priced it to be a great value. Includes 200 Covers

Our price: $379.00
MSRP List Price: $499.00 save 24%

SKU: SKU16225

Our price: $405.00
Unibinder 8.1
SKU: 251UB81USC1
Unibinder 8.1 Call for Package Deals
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Our price: $1195.00

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