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Hard Cover


10 12mm Glossy White Photobooks, 8.5" x 11" Landscape
SKU: SKU16718

Standard landscape covers normally only come in sizes up to 9mm. We happen to have a landscape photobook that is 12mm (85-115 pgs).

This photobook has a glossy white finish, and comes standard without a window cut.
A window cut can be added for $0.50 per cover.

Our price: $70.00
Out of stock
10 Brushed Steel Pink Photobook, 8.5 x 11" Landscape
SKU: SKU16717

The Brushed Steel Pink Photobooks was a close out item that we purchased in bulk at a discounted rate. We are able to pass the savings from that purchase along to you, the customer. They are available in both a 5mm (25-40 pgs) and a 3mm (10-25 pgs) spine width with a standard 5" x 3.5" window cut.

Our price: $50.00
Out of stock
100 Laminating sheets 7 3/4" by 11" (Unibind Sticky Backs)
SKU: SKU16669


Laminating sheets (Unibind Sticky Backs) in 7 3/4" by 11" sizes and can be trimmed to suit.
A box of 100 pieces is $50.00. (4lbs.) 

Our price: $50.00

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