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Black UniCover Spine (25pcs Packages)

Black UniCover Spine (25pcs Packages)

UniCover Spines are the same product as the Unibind Steelbacks.

They come with a temporary front and back cover that have recessed micro-perforations, so they can be easily torn off. You can insert any combination of clear, or frosted , or colored coversets, preprinted or foil stamped covers or covers that you print on the fly.

Coversets are also available with various windows. Then bind, and tear off the temporary covers so the covers you chose will show.

These spines are available in 11” lengths for portrait or 8 ½” lengths for binding in landscape orientation.

Many colors are available in the 11 inch length, but only black in the 8.5 inch.

Unibind UniCover Spines

Black UniCover Spine (25pcs Packages)

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